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  1. As this post explains desolation redux dropped an update, plenty of fixes and even new guns added (check the link for the finer details) In order for this update to work the object database was needed to be dropped, so the server now has fresh vehicles and objects 'should' be saving correctly or heres hopping anyways.
  2. Suggest a type or location you would like to see Armaclub expand into. I love the challenge of doing niche or themed servers as the Nam one is an example. Remember to include details like server location, map, mods and customisations.
  3. Suggestion for server location, Map and customization highly encouraged too.
  4. Please follow this guidelines when reporting a player. What where they doing wrong?: Server: Your Local time + Timezone/country: Their ingame name: Your ingame name:
  5. Arma 3 Gungame is an arma 3 mission where the players at the start of a "game" get to choose the location, weapons and their attachments. With each kill a player gets their weapon changes as per the choosen weapons. This game mode can be good to touch up on your aim in a fast, high octane environment. USA location JSRS sound mod is optional RULES: No hacking or glitching. Stay of sidechat with your voice
  6. Exilemod Vietnam with RHS mod East USA Location Nam map -> Huge map! Nice thick jungles, plenty of rivers, valleys and hills. Mods needed: All the RHS collection Exile mod Nam map Customizations: Custom loot Missions Custom traders xm8 addons
  7. AU 43 Desolation Redux 0.1.0 Chernarus Australian Server Mods needed (all from steam workshop): Desolation redux CUP Terrains core CUP terrains maps Desolation redux is meant to be a hardcore survival mod based on the Arma 2 DayZ Mod. Right now the server customization includes: Water mark Kill messages Some tinkered loot Voice on side blocker
  8. AU 32 Vanilla DayZ Mod 1.8.9 Stats: Side chat: Been running for over 2 years now! There are some prehistoric stashes and tents to be found indeed. rundown: Vanilla settings no missions no ai no extra loot. no extra vehicles RULES: No voice on sidechat. No duping, hacking or glitching. No racism. No homophobia. Respect others. Enjoy!
  9. I thought is was time for a change and these forums are part of that result. Obviously if you are viewing this well done because you're at the brand new forums i will be keeping the old one up just as a part of history. You can see our old servers, changes and conflicts from the past back there. No accounts will be approved over there though. Deadzone: